Pair of black Sumatras for 70

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    Howdy all,
    how much would you guys be willing to pay for a pair of 1.5 year old Sumatras? The female apparently still lays eggs and the owner is asking 70 for the pair. am I wrong to think that is way too steep?
    Thanks yall
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    I'd sure love to have some to sell for that price [​IMG].

    My first thought was no way, that's too much. But then, if you break it down by each bird, it may not be too bad. Sumatras aren't my breed, but if I subbed say's still a bit steep, they'd have to be very, very nice birds. Here, regular point of lay hens are $20. Special breeds like Legbars or Marans are $25-30 each. A 1.5 year old hen dual purpose breed hen is $15ish, rarer breeds $20ish. Again, depends on the quality of the animal. Roosters are iffy also. For specific breeds or colors I want, I've paid $20-25 locally.

    What would be your purpose in buying these animals? If it's just to have a cool, unusual breed and maybe hatch off a few chicks, you have the space and can afford it, it might not be too bad. I'd still try to talk them down a bit, though.

    If you're wanting to breed SOP birds and these are a good start conformation wise, it's not a bad deal.

    keep in mind you can buy Sumatra chicks from a hatchery for way less. You get hatchery quality birds, but for some folks that's just fine.
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    Why is the seller getting rid of the chickens? Are they REALLY 1.5 years old? Are you risking bringing disease into a current flock? Where did they get the chickens from? Is the rooster aggressive, can they be handled?

    Seems a little steep. If your not planning a long term breeding plan or showing, hatchery chicks might be better. Even if you were, it still depends on the quality of these.

    Sometimes during the stress of a move a hen could quit laying until she adapts.

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