Pair of BQ Paint Showgirls and FREE White from Paint Silkie

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    I have two breeder quality 7 week old Heterozygous Paint Showgirls available. They are too young to accurately sex. Their feathers are either completely white or VERY faintly spotted, but can throw Paint babies as they carry the pigment hole genes that produced their pink skin spots. They would be a good, inexpensive start to a Paint program, though they are not perfect. They have good silkie type, good feet, and nice soft feathering, but they do have some light skin that I doubt will ever darken completely. Their sibling (who is NOT for sale) is absolutely beautiful, and was born with no pink skin whatsoever, a nice dark beak, decent spotting, and great dark yes without pigment holes (I have included a pic of her at about 6 weeks old), so they are quite capable of throwing babies of much better quality than themselves, with careful breeding. I have included some pictures of them at about two weeks old. These two are $25 each or $40 for both. I can ship them as well, but they would have to go together. Shipping is $50.

    I have a White from Paint regular (feather necked) Silkie (sibling to the two breeder quality Paints) that you may have for FREE if you buy both Showgirls. This bird will not always throw Paint babies, as she displays no pigment holes in her feathering or her skin, but she could if paired with a Paint mate.

    I am happy to hold these birds for pickup or the shipping date of your choice UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT to [email protected].

    Call or text 479-739-one864, or PM me on BYC if you have any questions not answered here.
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