Pair of Golden Lakenvelder Pullets for sale

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    These two standard Golden Lakenvelders are $20.00 for the pair (lowest price I'll accept) and I don't want to split them up since they are very attached to each other. They are hatchery pullets so I can't attest to purebred status but they are beautiful girls! They are currently laying, yes even in cold weather (with light) and I get about 10 eggs a week out of them both. They are almost 10 months old now and give me beautiful, smooth, medium weight, cream colored eggs. Don't want to ship if I can help it! USPS doesn't allow foodstuffs in packaging anymore and I don't want them going without at least some cucumber or apple shavings but if you live near Reno or the South Bay (San Fancisco Bay Area), or anywhere in between I could deliver or if you can pick them up yourself that would be great!
    If you need more info please send me a pm. Thanks, Sunny
    Here are 2 more close up pics;
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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