Pair of Started Juvenile Easter Egger Chickens Male & Female for Sale


11 Years
May 29, 2008
SC Arkansas
I'm asking $12.00 for a pair of Easter Eggers, meaning one cockerel (male) and one pullet (female). They're close to breeding age and are filling out nicely. Pic up only, or I MIGHT be able to meet you somewhere if you're pretty close by. I'm in Southern Arkansas close to Arkadelphia, not far from Sparkman. No shipping.

This is a photo of the cockerel. As you can see, he's a nice healthy boy! He is probably ready to try his hand at breeding but my bigger roos keep him in his place. He is a really good natured boy, as is his Dad, but hasn't been handled as much so he's a bit shy. My little girl likes to pick up the Dad and hold him like a baby. He just lays there!

Most of my females look similar but with less red/orange coloration. A few are more buff colored.

You can just pick one of those females out when you come, or I can try to get some pics for you to choose from if it ever stops raining!


I have a few more pairs that I'll be posting for sale soon, but some of the males are red and black, not red and white.

I'm only selling my EE's in pairs right now, since I need to keep most of my females, but I can also just sell the males by themselves if anyone is interested. I might also have one slightly younger trio available soon.

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