pair of white cochins 5 wks. old


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I have a pair of 5 week old Cochins that I bought from Meyers Hatchery. They were supposed to be both female. BUT it seems that i have just that. A pair. One female, one male. i had them vaccinated from Meyers. They are in perfect health, sweet pair, very friendly so far. I handle them daily, give kisses and hugs daily. They eat well, have been outside with me a few times. I can not have a pair as I already have a 'main man' in my coop. If cant find a good home, then i will keep them and modify my coop,but i would rather find them a good home with LOTS of room to roam. I will not ship them.

Prince/princess and the Peach are their names.


It was Princess, but i really really think it is Prince.


what do you think? M & F????
I am thinking you have two little girls. One seems to be growing faster, and the feathers need to catch up. But, I see how one could think rooster as slower feathering is a good indication. However, my boys have much larger combs at that age.
Here is a picture of one of my boys.
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