Pair of Yellow Weavers


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Dec 24, 2020
We purchased a pair of yellow weavers. I made a circular hanging cage 7ft diameter by 6ft. I put Natural bamboo branches inside for perches. What else could I put inside of their cage? What should we give them so the male will make a nest? And any other helpful tips, experiences, would be gratefully appreciated.
:welcome Good luck with your birds. Did the breeder/supplier give you any hints ?
Thank You!!!

Not about what I should put in the cage. They gave me tips on what I could use for nesting material, but the birds are not interested in the material. The birds paired when the store bought them from the breeders, but they don’t know how long they were paired or if the pair ever tried mating. It seams that the female tries to show her attraction but the male doesn’t reciprocate it. I’m just rambling now. LoL!!! Thank u again!!!

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