Pair of young chickens need new home (South Bay Area, CA)


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Dec 25, 2017
San Jose
Hello Backyard Peeps!

I'm still fairly quiet here, but here's the situation I've gotten into:

1. I work at a preschool.
2. Someone at the preschool decided "Oh hey let's hatch eggs to show the kids!"
3. I was put in charge of the incubator because I've "had birds before." Apparently parrots = chickens to these people.
4. The eggs hatched.
5. The science teacher looked at me and said "Now what?"
6. The school seems to have no plans to keep chickens on property.

....Great. Well, only two chicks, so if they're both hens we can move them into the yard when it's warmer and after it gets redone.

Oh, one of them started crowing. Well......bugger.

What I have is a 3 month old Amerecauna (?) pullet and a 3 month old Easter Egger mutt of a Cockerel. They're both very friendly towards us, but since it was chilly here my husband engineered a chicken coop indoors. Which really isn't the best place for them. I want them to be able to go be chickens and scratch and peck and be outside....but we can't have a roo. In addition, since I wasn't PLANNING to have chickens, and our yard is about to get remodeled, I don't want to rehome him and then get a few more pullets to keep my lady company at this point in time.

Nugget: Dark reddish/brown roo of some Easter Egger variety. A bit of a buttmuch sometimes, but it comes with being a roo from what I hear. Otherwise friendly. Considers all new objects "Danger Thing."

Fiona: Faun/tawny pullet, seems to be an Amerecauna. Very friendly towards us and will happily sit on a lap to get loved on.

I'd prefer to have them go together, because they've been raised together. We love them, but can't keep them at this time.
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Aug 13, 2017
the coop
Don't know if this info helps or not... but the roo is a Golden Laced Wyandotte + Easter Egger Cross and will be a very handsome boy once fully matured! I am not very sure about the female. She looks like an Easter-Egger/Wyandotte cross as well because of the head, contour, eye-color/feather-color and build.

Best wishes for finding them a good home! :)

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