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    I have a 1+ year old Rooster that has a pale comb. He's going thru a heavy molt and the temps are in the 100's. He's been this way for a few weeks now.

    The first time I noticed it, I started him on a round of antibiotics. Nothing, no change. Then I checked him again for mites and such. I didn't find any, but I sprayed him with Adams. Still no change. So after that I wormed him thinkng this had to be it. In a few days, I will give him a follow up treatment with the wormer. I use Valabzan. All of the treatments were spread out over a few weeks. As of today he still has the pale color.

    He is acting very normal doing all of the usual Rooster things. I feed a great diet with lots of whole grains and pellets. VItamins in the drinking water. I've had the same routine for years.
    So what have I missed?

    Any suggestions? Thanks.[​IMG]

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    It sounds like you covered everything. The heat could be having an effect. If he's eating and drinking normally, crowing, chasing hens etc... I wouldnt worry too much about it. Just make sure there's cool fresh water, maybe a fan blowing in the pen/run and shade. He'll be ok.

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