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May 3, 2016
Foster, RI
My Coop
My Coop
Hello all! Noticed something off about one of my RI reds today. She was free ranging with the other hens today and I noticed her comb was VERY pale. I thought it could be from the heat as it was very sunny today so I brought her back into the coop where she drank willingly and pecked at some layer pellets. I let her back outside to join the flock. I then caught her napping next to a nearby tree (not terribly unusual as they love to sunbathe but she hasn’t dug her usual hole. She was just plopped there). Everything else is totally normal. Eating and drinking fine. No sneezing or bubbly eyes. Egg production has slowed down in all my hens as the days have started to get shorter with the coming Fall season so hard to tell if there is a bigger problem with this one. No signs of molting just yet. Dewormed her just to be safe. She fought me the whole time so I know she’s not terribly lethargic. I attached a photo from this evening which looks way better than what she looked like earlier today. Her comb was almost white earlier. Any other ideas or suggestions?
How is she doing?
She is about the same. I dewormed her. Dusted for mites (just in case). And started putting Rooster Booster in their water in case she is just having a hard time molting this year. Her comb looks to have a tiny bit more color but not much. I still catch her napping in odd places. Still eating, drinking, and free ranging with the others just fine.

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