Aug 4, 2021
Hi everyone,
My baby girl is different recently and not sure if this would even be the right area for this. She's sitting down more, slightly watery stools, I found some red goop in one but it didn't seem like blood.
I'm not sure what type she is but she's about 2 months old. Been sneezing for awhile or so now but quite active. I recently change my cedar bedding to pine again as someone suggested on here. She's still sneezing but not as much as before.
Recently, I notice her legs are pale and I can't tell if anything else IS pale. She's always slept kind of weird (on her side with her legs out). It's been muggy, hot and rainy. I read on here that other threads have discussed coccidiosis, maybe possible worms? I see her eating but not drinking as much as I use to. Not sure what else to look for before I had to send out for testing, my closest vet is a good 10 miles away.



These are the weird poops


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She looks like a buff Orpington. I’m no expert, but any sneezing is usually linked to an upper respiratory infection and this can also cause very liquidy poop on occasion. It’s hard to know if the red goop you saw in the poop was blood or not but if you start finding red in the poop regularly which would indicate blood I’d look into treatments for coccidiosis and other parasites like you mentioned. If she gets any worse like stops eating or isn’t active I’d look into a vet visit. I really hope she’s ok it’s always so stressful and worrisome when one of our chicks get sick, good luck.
Buff orpingtons usually have white legs, so that is normal. At 2 months, that is a time that she is building up a tolerance to coccidia in the soil. If you see the droppings again with red or blood, or intestinal shed, or runny poops, it would not hurt to start some Corid in the water. It is safe and found in most feed stores in the cattle meds. Dosage is 10 ml (2tsp) of the liquid or 1.5 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5-7 days.

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