pale/yellow skin.....losing


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
ok for the full story i have a long post up in emergencies, but i thought id come and ask here on the 'duck' side of the problem
ive lost a few muscovies over the pst 6 months and not one single hen has laid an egg this year.
the scovies seem to be losing the red colour in their face..its now a sort of pale yellow/grey dry colour instead. ducks are losing weight..and a few have died....

all have be wormed, waterfowl pellets and scratch from the chickens......

any idea what this could be?


Have you changed their feed? Eating area? Water source? could they have gotten into a poision of some kind that just works slowly? When i have someone going pale usually being locked up for a night with sufficent food and water does the trick but your situtation does not sound nearly as easy.
yes theyve been treated for lice and mites. never heard of liver they perhaps live in river/streams? we have a stream running through our field that the ducks use..........
Where else does the stream go? Is there any chance that somebody upstream used an agricultural product that could be affecting them?
the stream runs from somewhere in holland through belgium (or from belgium through holland), so theres lots of rivers/lakes etc that all 'add' to no doubt somewhere across the country somethings got into it....but im guessing its diluted before it reaches here...?

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