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    I've got 4 ladies - lately, one of them has been laying eggs with yolks that look, well... store bought. Compared to everyone else's bright-orange yolks, they are pale yellow. Is the layer ill, or is this just a random happening? They all free-range and get feed, so it's weird that one would be so different - which is why I'm wondering if she's sick or something... (Of course, I aside from it not being the EEer, I have no idea who is laying it)
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    I don't know what to tell you about a "pale" yellow yolk. However my EE lays a lighter color yolk than the rest of the flock. It's only noticable when next to another hen's yolk which is a darker orange. They are all orange, but the EE's is the lightest of the orange yolks. I chalk it up to the fact she's not as powerful at foraging as the rest of the flock. She's very healthy, but the lowest on the pecking order and they find & eat more insects than she does. Of course, I'm no expert. Perhaps there's a scientific reason for it, too.

    In your situation, my first guess would be to suspect your hen that is lowest on the pecking order. She may not be allowed to eat as much feed as the rest, or be able to forage as well as the rest.
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    That's really strange. It's the green feed that turns the yolks orange and with them free ranging, there's a world of grass to be eaten.
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    I was always told that corn is what helps make the yolk darker...??? [​IMG]

    Every time I crack an egg it is a surprise at what shade the yolk will be... some are much darker than others and some look pale at times.

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