Pallet Roost for a Hoop Coop

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    I actually found it kinda difficult to find examples of roosts made from pallets, especially when considering something that was going to go in a hoop coop, so it basically needed to stand on its own. So, I collected a couple of pallets from the local hardware store and just made it up as I went LOL. Here's what I came up with:

    I used one pallet for the back, that would stand upright.

    I took one of the planks that I pulled off and screwed it to the top. I also want to note that I sanded the surfaces of the planks before putting in place.

    I took two of the sturdier boards from the other pallet and attached them to create the angle where I would put the smaller planks on. I didn't measure anything. I made "educated" guesses on my cuts and then used one or three as a template for the others. I also guessed on where I was screwing the roost planks in lol. I used a vice to help hold one end up while I worked on getting it level and secured.

    I dragged the roost into their run for them to get used to. One thing I did is where the angle posts meet the back frame, I only put one (deck) screw in each board so the roost section moves a little bit. I needed to do that if I had any hope of getting it IN the coop.

    Finally dragged the new roost in this morning. I can't get the old one out since husband doesn't remember what type of screw he used and I can't get a grip on them with the drill to get the one horizontal plank out. So, it'll stay in there until I feel like messing with it again lol.

    We had recycled some little ladders from the coop that existed on the property before, but the birds couldn't really use them with the old ladder. I decided to move them and give little "gang planks" to the boxes.

    I'll be keeping my eye on that cracked board on the back of the roost.

    She was clearly amused...

    I used a regular screw here (was being lazy) to help keep the little ladders from sliding. So far so good.

    They are screwed into the front of the nest box with deck screws.

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    What a great set up! I am always envious of the many BYC members who have the ingenuity and skill that I wish I had. Awesome job...thanks for sharing (and making me feel inadequate :lol:).
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    Thank you!

    No need to feel inadequate LOL! Just get out there and start making something happen :) I honestly sat on those pallets for probably 3 weeks before I actually did anything with them, trying to figure out how I would do it. It can be REALLY daunting trying to figure things out on your own! Just grab some paper, jot down ideas, go look at the space, try to measure things up and see what you think. It doesn't have to be a quick process ;)
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    It doesn't have to be something that resembles anything else either. I have 3 coops built at 3 separate times and each is different. I love using scrap material to build stuff for my farm.

    I love the new roost idea. That is am stealing for my flock. Wanna come build me 4 or 5? Lol I have 151 birds so I'm always building something.
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    You're going to need adjust that a bit. The rungs need to be spaced further apart to avoid birds on the upper level pooping on the lower level birds. There should be at least 1 foot of horizontal distance between each rung. Another potential issue is that the nest boxes are higher than the roost. Chickens like to roost as high as they can get. That means sleeping in the nest boxes and lots of poo covered eggs.
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    So far, that hasn't been a problem. The VERY top of the roost is above the boxes, with the next level down, almost even with the entrance to the boxes. This evening, there were 7 birds on the top level and 5 on the lower level. They didn't seem to suffer from being pooped on from last night and there was little to clean off of the roosts this morning. I'm satisfied and they seem to be WAY happier with this roost, than the ol' modified ladder roost we had LOL. The space between the top level and second level is something I was concerned about when I was building it, but I couldn't really resolve a good way to deal with it with what I had. I'm actually impressed that they can get up there at all ;)

    No, what looks to be a problem is at least one of the girls was actually roosting on the ladder things going to the nest box, at the back of the top level. I'm certain she's going to get pooped on...

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