Pallets for coop

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    Went to a local bargain store got some pallets covered in plywood. They were used to deliver irrigation pumps. So no chemicals. I tured the plywood in and did 3 sides top and bottom. Used plywood on the last side to build the entrance door. Made 3 . 4x 8 side and one 4x4 frame. Put wire on the frames. Screwed them together, cut an entrance hole in the side of coop. Put the frame against it and now I have my setup. I have eight 3 month old Buff Orpingtons, and they like there home.
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    Sounds cool! Can you post a pic?
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    Dec 15, 2013
    Can't wait to see pictures! I can't quite "see" it in my head, sorry!

    I have used pallets to make the base of our pony storage sheds and used cattle panel to arch a roof over them -




    Our pallet feed rooms that we have now will become permanent when they are leveled & bolted together - right now the boys feed room isn't level and they have been tied into place with haystring. Working on making a roof of 2 ltr plastic bottles, instead of the tarps, now - also using haystring. Will be posting how that works in our own thread when it's complete.
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    Keep in mind that some pallet wood is treated with chemicals against rot and pests.
    Labeling/branding info can be found with some googling research.

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