Pampered "per egg Auction" get a variety!! =)

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    I'm getting hit and miss on what laying and its been nasty muddy here so I've had to toss a few eggs too. I'm goin to auction what I've got per egg starting at .25cents. Winner gets to choose which eggs they want. pics can be seen at

    What I have now to choose from (we'll have a few more tomorrow also)
    6 sizzle
    1 cin red
    2 silkie bbs
    2 split black lavender bantam cochins
    2 serama
    1 OEGB spangle
    4 Standard Silver laced wyandottes
    and 1 Barred OEGB

  2. pamperedpoultry

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    Hey Cleochick ya in box if full so heres what I sent to your email also

    hey looks like you won my eggs at .25 per egg. Here is an updated list of what I have to choose from or if you would like them all
    8 sizzle
    1 cin red
    2 silkie bbs
    3 split black lavender bantam cochins
    7 serama
    2 OEGB spangle
    5 Standard Silver laced wyandottes
    2 Barred OEGB
    2 (brownleghorn hens (bantam) covered by a white frizzle cochin roo) these are out of my for sale pen thought I'd offer them incase

    Let me know what ya want

    .25 x amout of eggs + Shipping = total to paypal at [email protected]

    (Shipping $10 up to 12 eggs $12 over 12 eggs)

    Thanks!! Candace
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    May 11, 2010
    Borger, TX
    Let me know what she doesn't take. I want some of those [​IMG]

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