Panhandle Poultry Club Show in Pensacola


Orpingtons Bama Style
12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
You can google the Panhandle Poultry Club for full details and who the judges will be. I am hoping to show a few Orps there and it is coming up fast so you need to get registered. I would love to see some of you. Nice to have a show only 3 hrs away from me.​
The Panhandle Poultry Club is holding their Winter Show on December 8th in Pensacola Fl. It has been approved to be a State Meet for the UOC. It is also a double show. I would love to see all of you guys in the South East attend

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For information on this show you can contact:

Matt Ulrich - 251-986-8555
James Blum - 850 232-0729

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