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8 Years
May 20, 2011
This chick is very much alive, just exhausted after a 25 hr hatch from pip to exit of it's shell. I did not assist the hatch and there was no shrink wrapping going on. It has a yellow ball shaped thing sticking out of it's belly which is attatched to a blood membrane. I am assuming this is a slightly unabsorbed yolk sac. Am I right? Please tell me it's not organs! It is bright yellow(I know the coloring is hard to see in the pic). What should I do with this chick? Should I just leave it? Put it in the brooder with it's sibling? Will it finish absorbing on it's own? I am so scared for it!

Here is one with better colouring, but he has flipped himself over, so the angle is not as good.

NEvermind, he is dead! He stopped breathing and is completely limp now. He was alive 10 minutes ago!!! I just don't get it! Should I have helped him out? Did I leave him trying to hatch too long? Now I have to try and tell my daughter in the morning:( She is going to be crushed!
Sorry man

Maybe now you can do a "chicktopsy" and she what went wrong.Did you try cutting this fleshy thing?
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I would if I knew what to look for, but being that I am totally unknowledgeable and inexperienced to know what I would be looking at and what looked right or wrong, it would feel wrong and unnecessary.
Well, for starters, you could see where the source of the blood was comin' from, & then from there wash the bird, to ascertain for certain, that it was THE source of blood...if you find that the chick had no cut anywhere on the body, then you can pretty much assume that it was internal issues. From there, you can dissect the bird, & check to see if all the organs are present, & whether or not there's any blood source on the inside of the chick. If no blood exisits, I'd be makin' incisions on the lungs to see if there were any issues there, & as well as examining the heart. Again, I'm sorry...

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