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  1. Hello,
    I think this is normal i just wanna make sure. When ever the chickens are in the egg box laying they pant. But once there done laying they stop. Should I be worried about this? I know they have water I checked, but I didn't see if it was still cool(thats my brothers job [​IMG]).

    Please let me know if it's normal while there laying, thank you.
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    Mine do it just about everyday, mostly becuase it's always 80+ out. So I'm sure it's probably a bit warm in the nest box, the small space+ warm bedding makes it stuffy. It shouldn't be a problem.
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    Plus, passing an egg out the cloaca isn't a comfy process, even if the weather was cool.

    There are ... ummmm..... many natural processes which cause some discomfort. Think about it. There's nothing wrong, it's just.... less than pleasant and takes some effort. Panting whilst laying an egg is quite normal.
  4. Quote:I see what you are saying
    Thank you for the answers everyone

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