Paper decoupage floor?

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Has anyone made a decoupage floor or worked with decoupage? Can it be done on plywood? Can you paint the brown paper once it drys before coating it? Can you put flooring over the top of it later on without having to tear it up?

    I'm wondering about this cause we are building a house and are very tight on money especially since some big drawbacks came up. My husband is trying to pay out of pocket for the house since he already has a college loan that doesn't have much interest so he has been saving money on the side for a house.

    I was thinking the decoupage might make a nice alternative to spending a ton of money on flooring. One problem is I know my husband won't like the color of the brown paper. He would probably want white or dark blue. I seen you can buy other paper but I was wondering if it could be put down, dried, painted with some type of paint, dried again, and then coated with the poly.
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    Mar 19, 2009
    I saw a really interesting kitchen floor once. The owners were nuts about cats. The whole house had a cat theme. But the kitchen floor was something else. The owner had made a collage with pictures from Cat Fancy magazine. She glued them down to the floor and then applied several coats of polyurathane. The result was beautiful.

    Here are some other inexpensive alternatives. I found some stick on vinyl floor tile at Home Depot for a dollar a foot. It was easy to install and it held up very well. You can also paint the floor and stencil it. There are durable paints for floors available. There are some very inexpensive laminate floorings available, too. Particularly if you can find some where the contractor bought too much. Hope this helps.
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    Lovely ideas here. THe only thing I can add is that poly wears down and needs recoating. So apply a few coats and plan on recoating often before the paper is exposed.

    We lived on plywood for years before finishing the floors. I put down cardboard boxes from a warehouse recycling bin and ran duct tape along all the seams. Held up for years until we go to that room.

    Also consider what the codes are for the flooring. OFten the thickness of the flooring is important as it stops fire from burning thru the flooring too fast to allow escape. We used tongue and groove plywood then put on 3/4 inch pine tongue and groove.

    Hope you will post pictures of you final work!!!
  4. reveriereptile

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Northern NY
    Thanks for the information. Not sure what we are going to do yet. We will be moving into the house next year and plan on working on the inside during the winter. The rest of our roof trusses are going to be put up on the 9th.

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