Paper litter for chicks?


10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
Boise, Idaho
I was wondering if the recycled paper litter such as what's sold at pet stores would work for chicks? Would they eat it? I know to keep them on a towel or mat for the first few days, and I'd planned to use pine shavings after that. However, the brooder will be an unused bathtub on the first floor of our house. Yesterday, I was collecting the bale of shavings I had dumped in my horse trailer (they were fresh, never had a horse on them), and they were SO dusty that I'm worried that it would irritate the chicks, and it would surely increase the dust levels in the house, and irritate DH, who doesn't really want chickens to begin with. I was thinking that the paper litter might be better if it's safe for the chicks.
I was wondering this also since I buy it already for the rabbits litter boxes...

I was afraid if they pecked it and injested some it would swell up inside them...

I definately wouldnt buy the scented that petsmart carries WOW that stuff can be strong! but yesterdays news doesnt smell
they will eat paper. i use rubber shelf linner. cheap at walmart. i do put a layer of paper towels under it. depending on how many chicks you have, just take it out when it gets real dirty give it a good shake to knock of the poo and your good to go. or you can have another peice ready to go in and just swap it out and wash it for next time. works for me. chicks and duckies
Well what you can do is, lay a few layers of paper towel, on top of the paper towel put about 2-3 inches of wood shavings.
If the shavings are dusty, try another supplier.
I used paper towels for 5 days when I got my chicks and when I switched to pine shavings they ate it up like crazy!! Back in went the paper towels. Yesterday I decided to try shredded paper and while they did pick at it a little, it was not nearly as bad as they pecked at the shavings. Paper seems to do well for me so I'm going to get as much as I can!

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