Paper Towel Bedding


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
Hi all! How long are the chicks supposed to be on the paper towels rather than the shavings? When I remove / change the paper towels I have to take everything but the chicks out of the brooder. Not surprisingly it freaked them out

I used paper towels for about 2 weeks and then switched to bedding. I think it is easier to keep them dry and clean with the bedding. Of course I had 26 chicks in the brooder. No matter what you use, you will have to take them out once in a while to clean the brooder. I am obsessed with the brooder being clean and dry. I figure that they need to get used to me and my hands anyway. After a bit, they calm down. Actually, mine will tolerate handling very well at this point.

You can take the toweling out right now.

In fact I don't use paper towels at all. All of my chicks and poults go straight onto shavings right out of the incubator or hatchery box. They do fine.

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