Paracord bracelets! Desert/Woodland camo

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    These are the first two I have ever made. The clasps are swivel lobster clasps. Both bracelets are about 7.5 inches long from tip of clasp to tip of loop.

    Paracord survival bracelets are a good source of cord when you need it! They usually take 7-10 feet of cord to braid one bracelet. Cut it loose, unravel, and there's a lot of footage to use for any emergency. This is 550 paracord with 7 inner strands. Very tough stuff. Won't mold or rot, so you can get it wet and it won't bother it! I will be making custom bracelets once I get a few more colors (unless you want one of these colors). I'm also waiting on some small side-release buckles, which I feel will be much easier to work with than these clasps. I can also make them with buttons and a loop to put it through. I'll be getting some more wooden buttons and BDU buttons (along with whatever else neat looking I find!). I have already made one for myself, in which I woodburned "I love my marine" onto a wooden button.
    Which reminds me, these two colors match USMC cammies perfectly! [​IMG]

    This auction is for one bracelet. The winner will have their choice of the two. The other I will sell for the same price. Doing this to get an idea of how much I can sell them for. I do take paypal [​IMG]


    Here's me wearing these exact bracelets [​IMG] Sorry for the crappy webcam pictures.

    And an example of my button one, haha. I will take much more time on writing on the other ones. Mine is kind of sloppy looking. Can't blame me as it was my first attempt!

    Here is another option I'll have for my custom bracelets. Stretchy endless ones! The middle piece is elastic/stretchy and therefore you can just slide it over your hand like you would a hair tie.
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