parakeet grit with calcium okay?


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Dec 16, 2009
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Our six chicks are a little more than a month old now, and my wife and son are dying to give them some treats other than chick starter. I know if we do give them occasional treats they will also need grit, since it is too cold to get them outside yet. Several other posts here have mentioned that parakeet grit is the right size for chicks, but the only parakeet girt/gravel at the pet stores also contains oyster shell. I know that this is probably too much calcium for them, since the starter feed is nutritionally balanced, but how much is too much/actually dangerous if I were to only give it to them free choice, and only when i knew they might be getting some treats? Also, my soil is mostly limestone, so even if I were to wait until they could go outside, they'd be getting extra calcium that way too.

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Oct 20, 2008
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I wouldn't think that parakeet grit would hurt them at all. Maybe if you just gave it to them the day you plan to treat them?
I gave my chicks sand for grit. They loved it. Dust bathed in it and nommed some too. I only put about an eighth an inch in a flat bottomed bowl for them though because when I first put it in, those little stinkers ate more than I was comfortable with and their little crops filled up with it!

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