Parakeets and/or canaries in outdoor quail aviary?


May 25, 2019
Hello! We have been raising valley quail (as pets) in an outdoor aviary that is about 8x24 ft. We designed it to provide a naturalish habitat for the quail, so there are small and large bushes and an old dead apricot tree for roosting. They also use some of the wooden framing for roosting. It's all open air with a couple of tarps for shade and some optional protection from wind or rain. Since we live in Southern California, where the birds are native, they are well adapted to the climate.

Our neighbors are looking to re-home a couple of parakeets and canaries, and we're wondering whether either of these species would be happy in the aviary. I've seen other people keep quail with other species, and apparently it works fine with enough space, partly because the quail spend most of their time on the ground. But I don't know much about these other species yet. Apart from their own food and water, would the aviary need any other adaptations to accommodate them? Would they need additional shelter from the weather, and would small bird houses suffice? Would they need a larger shelter with a heater? Would they get along with each other? Does it make a difference if they're a breeding pair or not? Is there anything else I'm overlooking?

Thanks so much for any advice!


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Oct 12, 2019
I have successfully kept quail with parrots and finches, but there are risks, especially with california quail (which can be more aggressive). I found my parrots loved to eat the quail pellets (which surely can't be good for them). I can't say what it would be like for your birds, but I'm just letting you know that there's always a risk when mixing species.


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My first thought would be that the parakeets might chew a hole in your netting? Or is that wire?

Canaries are much more gentle, and the only risk would be if they were on the ground and a quail killed one... low risk I would think... but a risk.

Parakeets might joyfully pop off all of those lovely flowers.

Neither would need a heater in your climate... but a 4 sided box (bottom and front open, or bottom and 1/3 of the front open if you get strong wind) up in one corner would be good. I would do an open box like that to hopefully keep them from breeding.

Not sure about the canaries AND the budgies (parakeets) in the same cage...

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