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Jun 7, 2016
Hi I need some advice I have a 3 year old hen, I found her in the coop unable to walk. She has absolutely no movement in her legs. She has shown no other signs of illness, she's eating and drinking. When she goes to eat and turns her neck she twitches and her wings come out, her tail twitches all the time moving side to side. She leans to one side, if I told her back she sits up straight and none of the twitching, moving happens. Can a chicken break it's back? I've even seen her feet twitching and curling when I hold her back tight. She's my daughter's pet but we have been waiting now to see if anything changes! I thought she may pass away but it's been 4 weeks now. We put her in a sling and she seemed happy? Any suggestions please. We have a very large buff orpinton Cockeral and I wondered if all the jumping on her has taken its toll?


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This sort of thing can have many different causes, so it's futile to expect an accurate diagnosis over the internet. But there are some things you can do to treat the symptoms without knowing the exact cause.

One cause for neurological problems is a toxin. You can give her activated charcoal on the chance this is the cause, and the charcoal will neutralize the toxin in her intestines.

Another cause is genetic and/or vitamin deficiencies. You can give her vitamin E oil 400iu with a sliver of selenium once a day until you see improvement.

I like to add B-complex to the vitamin E therapy so that if there's nerve damage, there's a chance the B vitamins can help strengthen the legs.

But if the cause is an avian virus, such as Marek's or leucosis, there isn't anything you can do about it.

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