Paralyzed hen - in homemade sling


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
I have a hen we saved from a fox - he had already bitten her and he dropped her... her wound has healed nicely, but she is still paralyzed... she is currently in a homemade sling and we are giving her one more week to see if there is any improvement. She eats, drinks and poos normally, and she preens and coos... it's so sad, especially for my kids who hatched her back in April. I used that meshy/foamy shelf liner and duct taped it to a box.... there are holes for each leg, and a poo hole, as well as little cup holders for her food and water. She likes this much better than being propped up in a crate. Prayers for her or ideas helpful please.

Denise and the Virginia Menagerie (not sure how to upload a pic)

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