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    Aug 16, 2013
    My 2 month old pullett was stumbling on Sunday so I brought her in the house, thinking it was just a sprain. By Monday neither of her legs would move. I talked to some people who said it was most likely mereks or botulism. But she's very alert, she eats and drinks fine. Her poo is dark green and white, which is normal since my birds eat a lot of veggies. Its usually solid, but occasionally its brown and runny. Ive been giving her broccoli, lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, tomatoes, and just today we've started yoghurt and oatmeal. She always has access to water and starter feed. Her legs have been doing a bit bette r, shes regained full motion of her right leg, but her left leg won't move. I talked to the people at the feed store and they said she might have gotten into the lay pellets which is too much calcium for a little bird.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Or have any suggestions that might help?
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    From looking at all of the different foods you are feeding, I think she ought to have more of her chicken feed with just an occasional treat. Treats should only be less than 10 % of the diet. Yogurt is very good once or twice a week. Of course you can't control how many greens they eat outside roaming around, but they limit themselves to what they need. What she has involving the legs could be Maraks, since she is in the right age for it, but she could have a vitamin deficiency, especially thiamine or vitamin E. I would get some PolyVisol without iron baby vitamins and give her 2 drops a day by mouth or on food. It might take a week or two to have any effect. Here is a link to leg problems and treatments:

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