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    Mar 17, 2017
    Two days ago one of our roosters stopped getting up. It does look like he got into a fight but the only injury seen is his comb. He will not move his legs at all, even if we touch the bottoms he won't curl his toes. I hand fed and watered him last night and finally got him to eat on his own, but today he seems very disinterested in anything. He will twitch his tail and move his head, but other wise stay slightly rolled to his side with feet laid out behind him. He also has a shiver thing going on. Hes a little over a year old. My dad said we need to see some kind of progress in the next couple days or hes going to put him down. So..thoughts?
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    If he was in a fight/attack it could be internal damage possibly... Any other factors? Other ill birds? Marek's vaccinated? A number of injuries and illnesses have similar symptoms - if you can provide more info, it may help with a collective thought towards a diagnosis.

    Spring is also coccidiosis season, which can cause some birds to seem like they are paralyzed. Is his comb more pale than usual? Runny and/or reddish stool?
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    Welcome to BYC. I would also wonder about it being possibly Mareks disease, since other chickens will peck at chickens they feel to be ill. That could account for the comb injury. Pictures may help. Hopefully, it isn't Mareks which could affect other members of the flock. Cockerels do not do well together past maturity when they will challenge one another. It might be food to put him in a pen with food and water where he feels safe. Offer some watery feed and chopped egg. Vitamins in his water would also be good.
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