Paranoid chick owner


Mar 22, 2018
Hello! I’m new to chicken keeping. I’ve been lurking for about the past month researching and reading all things chickens.

I got 5 chicks a week ago from someone I found on facebook. Chicks were about a week when I got them. One started acting a little off on Sunday and I got probiotics and electrolytes for the water. She seemed to perk up for a bit, but started to seem off again last night and I found her dead this morning. (I never knew such a creature could cause me such heart break.)

The other four are growing fast and acting fine. My question now if whether we should get more. My husband and I are paranoid about losing more or someone turning out to be a rooster. So we wonder if we should maybe get 2 more from the same place. I hear it is easier to incorporate them now instead of later when they are older.

They are on organic starter feed with a titan heater on pine shavings. The one who passed was a Sussex. We have two sapphire gems, Delaware and a Plymouth Rock left.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
As long as you have space for all of them if they all survive, adding more chicks of the same age from the same source isn't a bad idea if you want to guarantee ending up with a certain minimum number.

I did end up with a roo and lost another to an accident, so I ended up having to buy chicks/started pullets multiple times when I should've just bought extras in the beginning.

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