Parasite on egg


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
My lone cayuga egg is on day 27 im shining light in incubator to look for pips and i noticed a parasite any ideas on what it could be. Its very small crawling over egg and its clear almost see through. Its hard to explain besides that i broke the cardinal rule and opened incubator because i wanted to kill whatever it was.

A better question at this point is what do i do its due to hatch tommorow im afraid of infesting my house with lice now if thats what it is. And i cant put it outside the temps here are way way to cold.
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Could lice live through freezing cold tempertures because my eggs for the most part were frozen this is the only one who survived a 17 day trip in the mail. Then this is day 27 in the incubator and this was the first sign of anything ever.
These are shipped eggs that have been in the incubator for the past 27 days. This is a first for me aswell im quite concerned about this now.

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