Parents: What children's song gets stuck in your head?

Well, my kids are now teenagers, so it's more likely to be tunes from Minecraft-themed music videos these days. But when they were younger, I had a lot of Veggietales "Silly Songs" that got stuck there. When my son was a toddler, his favorite movie was "Milo and Otis", I cannot begin to tell you how many times I wound up humming, "Gonna take a walk outside today . . . ."
The Backyardigans...lots of cute kid songs that annoyingly get stuck in my head. Don't even want to think to hard about which songs in might get stuck in my head and I'll be doomed for the rest of the night. LOL
The old My Little Ponies theme, the new My Little Ponies theme, and some Moose and Zee songs. I found I didn't need kids to thoroughly enjoy children's programming. It is more at my level.

"Yay! Share!"

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