Parrot Leg Bands... Where do I buy them?

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  1. Hi, apperently i have not had much luck, or I might not know what Im looking for. I know its too late to get my African grey a Closed leg Band, but I can still use an open leg band. I need to find leg bands for my African Grey. The paper work on "Hunter" Came back this week as male.... I found Hunter a girl friend with paper work that shows she's a girl.... but was named before she was sexed so she has a boys name. Im picking her up in 2 weeks... but she does not have a leg band... and I want both Hunter and his girlfriend to both be banded so theres no question who's who. Easiery on eye identification..

    Where do you recommend or suggest I find Leg bands. I appriciate all your help.
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    hi i know theres a place here in ireland that do leg bands their on line too its their in kerry and very cheap on price too dont know if this helps but its a tought
  3. I tried using the website you gave me... and it wont load.
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    There are several different band suppliers. We used L & M for a number of years. You might try them. I am not sure what they offer in open bands though as we always used closed bands.
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    My first thought was; "Why would you band your parrots?"

    My conure has twice injured himself on his closed band. Luckily it has not been a severe injury. I had the bands on both my birds removed and I keep them in a safe place if I ever need them for some reason.

    I keep both my birds wings clipped so I have no fear of them getting lost.

    The avian vet I take my birds to recommends band removal due to injury potential.

    Perhaps you have a reason I haven't thought of. Just wanted to share with you the reasons not to band if you have not already become aware of them.

    Sounds like you are breeding... I think you will find it very easy to tell which bird is who if they are still part of the family rather than breeding stock.
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    check on ebay -- I have seen several types of bands from different suppliers (and yes, L & M is on there, too) that offer quite a variety of sizes and styles. I've seen the plastic "loop" kind, and I ordered some that, for lack of a better description, are a "roll" (think of the popular "slap" wrist bands, but without the slapping part [​IMG] ) they can be unrolled, placed around the leg, and then they return to the rolled position. They can be removed by a determined bird, (and yes, some of my 'tiels did take theirs off), but they are also easily replaced. I find it a better option than the "open" metal bands (too dangerous, IMHO).
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