parrot man looking for love with female parrot lover

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    Oct 13, 2015
    hi ladies i am a guy who is looking for love with some wonderful lady who does not mind parrots in the home i am the founder of a rescue for them and they are my passion .but i also need the love from a good woman in my life who understands and can join in the fun i have doing shows round uk .been looking for that elusive loving lady and still not found her i am 58 single and live with my birds but miss the cuddles and the closeness of love
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    Hey parrotmanderick Welcome to BYC.

    I have often wondered why there is not a ‘connection’ thread on BYC because I cannot think of a better place to meet like minded people. Maybe it is against the rules? [I could not see a definite forum rule against it].

    Anyways, I just wanted to wish you luck with your quest and also mention that your parrots are beautiful!
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    There was a thread a while ago (quite a few years back, I think) that was sort of a "connections" thread but for some reason it got shut down. I do remember the moderators at the time mentioning that BYC was not the place for dating, but I think it is worth suggesting again in the BYC suggestion area. I know there have been a few couples that met on BYC, so it certainly is a good place for like minded people.

    I also find that the threads for your location are a good place to meet people (not necessarily people to date, but friends). I have several friends I have met and kept in contact with that way.

    OP, beautiful parrots! I think a woman would be lucky to scoop you up! I wish you the best, though I know how frustrating the dating world can be! Sometimes you just have to keep trying.
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