Parrot/Parrotlet taming/bonding?

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    Jul 9, 2012
    My Christmas present from my parents was a 6 month old Celestial Parrotlet hen, and I'm thrilled with her~

    However, she's the first of this sort of bird that I've owned, and I don't -really- know how to start bonding with her. She was hand-raised, but I don't know how much contact she's had in the 6 months she's been with them. She's almost settled into her cage, though she's not really sure about me. Sometimes she does chirp back to me.

    Basically, any tips on where to begin with her would be fabulous.I don't need to know about care, as much, since I've been looking that up for a while now (although if anyone knows whether they're supposed to get any vaccinations or worming, etc, that'd be helpful).

    Very excited about her :D
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    Apr 14, 2011
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    We've been owned by our Parrotlet, Holly, for the past 3 years. She is a wonderful little bird - fiercely territorial of her cage, but very loving outside of it. She came to us from a rescue situation, so we're actually her fourth family, her 'forever' home. Please know, these little birds live about 10yrs in captivity, with the most common reason for death as household accident (especially being sat upon or flying into doors).

    Our little girl has chosen me (Mom) as her favorite person, not her owner (son) who is away from home and/or ignores her a lot. I am the one who pays the most attention to her - treats her gently, lovingly and always with respect - gives her the most treats and time out of her cage. She desperately wants to be with her 'flock' (i.e. people). She chirps incessently to get our attention if we are in a different room. We've gotten her a small cage to travel with us around the house (it's a mid-size budgie cage). She has a large flight cage as her nighttime home and when we're out of the house. So she can be with us, but safely contained in her cage if the environment isn't safe (kitchen) or near our cats. She's nipped our dog more than once and I think would take him on if allowed! The dog is 35lbs, she's not even 4oz!

    As for how to help her socialize, please know her cage is HERS, so if you can offer her treats to help her get used to you (as flock) through the bars - it'll help her get settled in. Some of my parrotlet's favorite treats - good multi-grain bread crust (about 1/2" piece max); bananas - a piece about 1/4"; english muffin chunk; banana bread; cornbread; nutriberry bird treats. Teach her the 'step up' command and offer her the ability to come out of her cage onto your arm in a safe enclosed room. Be aware that she can deliver an intense bite/nip. Ours has never broken skin - just left one serious mark or two.

    There are some wonderful bird training DVD's - the one we've learned best from is one we got from our local library interlibrary loan - here's the link to the Amazon link - Any of her DVD's are wonderful (Barbara Heidenreich This is the place to start.

    Good luck, have fun! They're wonderful little birds!

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