part time broody


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Apr 7, 2010
Lowndes County Ga
I have a black cochen bantam that has 11 eggs in her nest and she spends every nite setting them she leaves the nest about 10 or 11 am when the air temp here is around 92 /96 and comes back to the nest around regular roosting time , It's going to be interesting how this turns out .


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Jul 31, 2008
Quote:I have a silkie doing the same thing but its a lot cooler here.... and she is sitting on my BCM eggs


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Jul 19, 2009
My BR was sitting on 12 eggs bought from the feed store as I don't have a Roo. My chickens are 18 months old and this is my first Moody Broody. Turns out when she left the nest, others would take her place. She would return only to find her clutch was being taken care of, so would find another nesting box of eggs to sit on. Unfortunately, the other chickens aren't broody and leave the nest of fertilized eggs. Twice I found them cold as rocks. I then put the eggs and broody mom into a cage. The cage is working out really well and I regret I didn't think to do this sooner. I let her out in the AM and PM to stretch her legs and do a little scratching. While she's gone, others will go into the cage and sit on the eggs. I then remove the wanna-be when Moody Broody returns. The eggs were eleven days old yesterday, so I candled them. All I saw was what appeared to be runny yolk. No little chicks, veins, heartbeats....
I hope I am correct that at this point in time I should be seeing more than runny yolk as I removed four of the eggs and plan to go back to the feed store this afternoon and purchase another eight to replace those she's now sitting on.
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