Part Time Indoor Chicken?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Birb Mom, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Never, ya weirdo!

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  2. Part time is okay, just be clean and responsible

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  1. Birb Mom

    Birb Mom Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 2, 2017
    Northern California, USA
    Hello, I've been reading into keeping chickens indoors, but all I've seen is them being solely indoors. Does anyone know anything about keeping a chicken in at night and letting them out with the others during the day? Essentially, one of my chicks(now three weeks old) has grown super attached to me and I to her. She's very, very brave and social and cuddly. She will try to leap on my arm and crawl up to roost on my shoulder when I try to clean or do anything in or near their brooder. She lovessss people and prefers to be climbing and cuddling with people rather than with her flockmates to be honest. Always has.

    Anyways, I have been toying with the idea of keeping her inside with a diaper in the evenings and mornings and letting her out to roam and enjoy herself in the daytime. I would dust her off and clean her feet before she entered the house to keep things as clean as I can, but I can manage some dust and such. This would only be one chicken, maybe two(but probably not). Has anyone had experience with this situation?
  2. Flock Master64

    Flock Master64 Overrun With Chickens

    Jul 24, 2016
    Surrounded by the Amish
    No. My mom won't let me have chickens inside. But on the occasion when my parents are out of the house I might bring my buff brahma inside and let her sit on my lap ;)
  3. aart

    aart Chicken Juggler! Premium Member

    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    Welcome to BYC!

    Well, you know, they cuddliest, 'friendliest', and bravest chicks are often males,
    by 5-6 weeks old you can usually tell males from females.
    'Friendly' can turn into dominance once they become sexually mature.

    As to 'part time indoors', probably not a good idea for the chick.
    They are flock animals and will be happier to stay with their flock 24/7.

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