Partly Blind Chicken, and new flock. Advice?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Toshi, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Toshi

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    Jul 2, 2011
    IN corn state
    My friend has this half blind chicken. They think she poked her eye with something, not quite sure. BUt she can see out of one eye.

    Well they dont want her anymore, and it is re-home her or eat her. She is still young just born this spring, so she is laying too. They asked me and i said i would take her.

    She is a red star and i have 2 of those already plus six other includding my roo. I know one shouldn't add a bird in by herself and i am not sure what to do about it becuase she is half blind.

    I add 4 other birds my 2 red stars and 2 other chicks a few weeks ago, i removed my roo from the mix..should i do it again with her and put her in at night?

    The first 3 hens accepted the babies fast enough will they bother this bird since she is older? She looks like one of my chicks, so will they maybe just play her off as another bird from their flock right away?

    It is getting cold and i dont want to leave my roo alone to many nights, but i dont wantthem picking on her neither.

    Advice is needed. I cant add more then one bird anymore it puts me up to nine in my coop, how would you bring her into a flock?
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    Jul 28, 2011
    They will probably be really rough on her. If you let her in the coop watch and make sure they're not all picking/pecking on her.

    Have a backup plan. Do you have a safe place where she can be by herself or maybe used as a brooder for future chicks in the spring?

    Ask your friend why they can't just hold onto her until February or so and then you will take her in and let her take care of some chicks.
  3. teach1rusl

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    Adding new birds is really hard (on the new birds). Adding one is extra rough. Adding one that's half blind could be torture. It would almost be kinder to let the owners cull her (and I'm a big softy). I'd rather see a bird culled than bullied tirelessly, especially when they can't effectively defend themselves due to illness or a physical impairment.
    If you're set on giving it a go, then keeping her in a wire dog crate during the day, in the run so everyone can see one another, and placing her on the roost after it's dark, then getting out there first thing in the morning to recrate her - doing that for about 2 weeks...and then STILL monitoring heavily after you try integration - is the way I'd progress.
    Since you didn't isolate for potential illnesses, that's a moot point now...
  4. Toshi

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    Jul 2, 2011
    IN corn state
    Yeah i know it can be hard on her, and i am not getting any more chicks for a few years i cant get to many birds becuase i start college next fall and i most likly will be living on campus. I will do the whole keeping her in another cage thing, i have room in the coop for one and iguess do it that way.

    As for picking i belive only one of my hens will do so, the younger birds i put in are 18 weeks and i dont think they will bother her, neither will my rock, just one hen i am worried about, i guess i could always take her out for a day or let her stay with the roo while the others get settled. I am going to watch like a hawk.

    And the cull thing, thats what i told my mom when she brought it up. I said i dont want no blind bird. But she is not all the way blind, i am fine if they do cull her. Really they should have culled her when she hurt herself like that (i still have not got to see her at all, i want to see her first) I dont have to worry about keepign her away form the other birds for 30 days cuz she has been away from her flock for 4 weeks and alone in a cage.

    And yes i do have a back up plan for her, if it dosen't work out they will take her back and cull her, thats what our deal is. Basicly giving her a chance, and i have less birds then them they have like 20 or so, and it would be harder to try to get her back in that flock, then it would for mine.

    Thank you both so much for replying, and i will keep her with them for 2 weeks in a cage liek ya said teach1rusl, thanks.

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