Partridge & Blue Partridge BRAHMA Cockerels (2)/ N. GA. Mtns


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Feb 3, 2007
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Opportunity to get something that no large hatchery has and the small boutique hatcheries charge and arm and a leg for-7 weeks old as of July 27.

One Partridge, one Blue Partridge (picking my keepers now, so there may be another one available later), each for less than you can find day-olds of this color variety, if you can even find them.

They are in the goofy, awkward stage but if you Google "Partridge Brahma" or "Gold Partridge Brahma rooster" (same thing) or "Blue Partridge Brahma rooster", you'll see what you could end up with. They will be very large roosters, upwards of 12-14 lbs., perhaps slightly more.

They are super sweet chicks, males are usually easygoing, I'm told. I am enjoying them tremendously, so friendly. They are stunning roosters at maturity, very large and impressive roosters.

Pickup only, Fannin County, GA, Cash only.
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