Partridge/blue Partridge Brahma Eggs $30, LOCAL Pickup Fannin Co. GA

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    We have available right now for pickup 16 Partridge/Blue Partridge Brahma hatching eggs collected over the past week, priced lower than normal because we did not separate out the Dark Brahma hen from the Partridge and Blue Partridge. Will add any more laid today to the collection. $30 for all together, cash only.

    ***ALSO, if interested, I have a very few eggs collected from my breeding flock of porcelain and mille fleur Belgian D'Anvers, who have not laid in about a year. They are aging now so rarely lay and I am no longer breeding these so if you'd like these, they are FREE if you get them with the Brahma eggs! Parent stock started from Boggy Bottom Bantams in South GA who creates many stunning colors. Remember, these are D'ANVERS, *not* d'uccles. They have rose combs and are clean legged, though one hen has feather stubs and her sons may have feathers on the legs (the daughters rarely do). Not sure which other hen is laying, but the other possible laying hens are split for porcelain so you could be mille or porcelain chicks.

    Healthy, less than two years old parents, Brahma breeding group includes Blue Partridge Brahma rooster over Blue Partridge, Partridge and one Dark Brahma hen. Because we did not separate out the Dark Brahma's eggs, charging less than usual.
    As I understand it, if you get a Dark Brahma to hatch from the Dk Brahma hen, it will be male, a partridge would be female:
    Partridge male x Dark female = 100% Dark (hiding Partridge) males and 100% Partridge females (Sebastian is blue partridge so you could get a blue Dark, I understand, have never seen one in person).

    Pick up here or will meet at Dollar General in Mineral Bluff by the 4 way stop or the Dollar General in Murphy by Decker's Flea Market. Fannin County, GA near the NC line.

    NOTE: If you want ONLY the Belgian D'Anver eggs, of which I cannot guarantee fertility (roosters are 7 and 6 yrs old), they are all I have for just $1, but I will not meet someone for just a buck, sorry, only if you're buying the Brahmas and want the D'Anvers thrown in for that same price.

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    16 Partridge and blue Partridge Brahma eggs and 5 Belgian D'Anvers, all for $30. D'Anvers alone are $1 for ALL because of unknown fertility in my aging flock, but with the Brahmas, they're free.
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    Will be putting these in the fridge today if not claimed.

    Sorry, cannot ship, must be picked up.
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    Catch us next time!
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