Partridge cochin bantam pullet(10 months)

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    Up for auction is a very pretty Partridge Cochin bantam pullet, she is about 10 months old now, Very freindly very sweet, She is tested clean as well as my whole flock.
    I was going to keep this girl for showing and breeding but i have no right color to put her with, My tester saw her and said that i should show her becouse she has great partridge markings.
    Although her feet feathers are little bit messed up right due to the ground.
    Buyer pays for shipping of express shipping only, and for new box that i have to order for her for shipping in.
    box is $15.00
    and shipping i am guessing $35.00 but it could be lower or a bit higher, so you can pm or e-mail me your zip and i can look it up.

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