Partridge Penedesenca in Massachusetts?


Oct 7, 2021
Hello everyone! This is my very first thread. I'm new to the chicken world.
I live in north central Massachusetts, on the New Hampshire border. We get hot summers and cold winters.
I'm going to be building an 8x8 raised chicken coop, with an enclosed 8x16 clear covered run, this fall/winter. I'm an electrician, so there will be electricity in the coop. But I don't want to add supplemental heat to the coop.
We're looking to get between 12-16 chickens, that will include 1-2 roosters. I'd like to get all different, mostly rare breeds, for a very colorful egg basket. My question for everyone is this...
Can Partridge Penedesenca chickens survive in Massachusetts?
I'd like to get a hen/rooster pair. But I hear they don't do well in colder climates. I'm just wondering if I should scratch this breed off my wish list. Has anyone else tried this breed in a colder climate?

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