partridge plymouth rock roosters-pick up GA-updated pictures****


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
i have 2 partridge plymouth rock roosters for sale.they are 6 months old.i hatched them from eggs i received from Dick Horstman.they look pretty good so far but its really hard to tell how a rooster will look until 8mo -1yr and i don't have space for them much longer.they are going to be big and will add some new blood to your existing flock.
pick up only in middle ga area.
pm for pictures because i haven't figured it out yet.
but i did find the smilies

well,i guess i did find the picture thingy,now just gotta remember what i
these pictures is when they were 4 months old.i can get new ones for you after the rain.
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sure, i was trying to do that today but they are all still together in the pens and it ain't working trying to get good pics.i think i will let them out tomorrow for awhile and try to get good ones that way.i put their sister in another breeding pen today and she is a beauty.i thought the other 2 hens were pretty good because it 's hard to find good partridge rocks but she is so much better so the boys should be also.they are a little slower to mature and don't have the penciling to go by.

Updated pics would be great!
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here are new has been raining for 3 days so they are not the best.they still have alot of maturing to do yet.

#1-the biggest


#3 is a 2 year adult from cakle hatchery-very good tempered and huge.not related to the 2 younger roos.

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