Partridge Rock cross?


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
These came with a group of RIR & Partridge rocks that I ordered. I ordered a dozen of each but that didn't quite happen :( They are just over 5mths of age in the pics
I do like them alot because they keep to themselves mostly and aren't always following me around or running through my legs, yet they don't fear me..or the dogs anymore.

Anybody happen to have something similar and know the background?

For comparison here's an example of what I'm hoping is a real PR that came with them.
The last pic is of the 2 in question and a PR roo to their left

The rocks have yellow legs though so is it even possible?? Also, the 2 above seemed the healthiest looking and were the most vigorous birds in the brooder

What kind of combs do they have? Foot feathers? Do you know what other breeds they had where you got them? That blue girl is a really pretty color.
There are no feathers on the feet or legs...if you click on the picture you can see the small combs. They came from Dick Horstman and I don't believe he has any Marans
You ordered from him directly or you ordered from someone breeding birds they said are from him? What was the sellers' response to the pictures?
The only blue birds I'm seeing that he has are Andalusians and Orpingtons, unless he other breeds he doesn't have listed, she doesn't look like an andy cross, which pretty much leaves orp , looking at the bird I could believe that, don't know if the color genetics works out. I can't tell comb type for sure from the pictures, just that they are really small.
I ordered direct from the "Horstman" himself...he said they looked like mutts

They certainly do. Well, if the breeder doesn't know, doubtful the rest of us can name that mix. I've had an EE the same color as your blue and tan but she was probably not a first generation cross as she was a hatchery chick.
I bet he's got a good idea of what they are but...

They have a lot of fluff on the rear and my guess is there could certainly be some orp in there somewhere but I'm not familiar with a lot of different breeds and their characteristics. Some of the birds in that group just started laying about 5 days ago but I'm not sure which ones yet. I just redid my math and they are actually just now over 5mths old so they were more like 4mths old in those pics. I'm happy with 5mth olds starting to lay...I wish my 26wk old buckeyes would get in the game though!!

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