Partridge Rock Roo X Black Australorp or Barred Rock


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I have chicks that were recently hatched and was wondering if they would be considered sex-link and if so how could I tell. I have a Barred rock that went broody and other hens were laying in her nest. They other hens were buff rock, black Australorps, and partridge rocks. When 3 chicks hatched recently I noticed that one had a spot on its head with light colored legs while the other two did not have a spot and had dark legs. I realize that they could be a mixture of any of the hens but the obvious black legs lead me to believe they are Australorp. The daddy is a partridge rock who was recently killed by a hawk. I was wondering if If these chicks would be considered sex-link or even black rocks. I also looked at the chicken calculator and saw no difference in the mixture of these birds by percentage of color patterns.
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They are not Black Rocks because they would not breed true black since the daddy was partridge.

With a Partridge Rock Rooster:

Buff Rock mama would give reddish yellow chicks, probably chipmunks. Not sex links.

Black Australorp mama would give chicks that look like BA chicks. Not sex links. I'd expect the adults to be basically solid black but the roosters will probably have some red leakage around the shoulders. Just a few scattered feathers not detectable on chicks. The red on mine was not well defined until their last juvenile molt. The legs should be black. On my Speckled Sussex roo over BA hens, the pullets beak is black except for an ivory colored tip. I never noticed the beak on the roosters from that cross before I ate them.

Barred Rock mama should give black sex links with yellow legs.

I suspect what you have is a rooster from the BR and two chicks from the BA, sex unknown.

Thanks for providing a pretty good description of what you have. That made it easier.
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Thanks Ridgerunner. That helps so much as I am sort of new to the breeding side of poultry. I most likely have more chicks to come from this clutch and that gives me a good idea of what I have to look forward to. Pretty amazing that these chicks made it considering they were kicked out of the nest box and then jumped out of the coop (another foot and a half drop) and then found their way out of a 10x10 run and were running around the yard on their first day alive. Ha! I also have some buckeye roos I was considering breeding with barred rocks. I was wondering if they would produce a red rock considering its usually crossed with rhode island red. Hmm... larger breasted red head maybe?

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