Partridge Rocks rooster question

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    Jun 7, 2011
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    I got 5 PRs from a hatchery- 1 died. I have 4- one is SUPER tinny- we call her Liltle Biggie. My other ones can nearly walk right over her. She seems to be healthy and just fine!

    I have one tho- that has a yellow(ish) beak, yellowish legs (as does Little Biggie) and the feathers are not coming in nearly the same as my other girls. This one chick is MUCH lighter in color and as for feathers at 4 weeks does not have as much or as dark as my other ones (including Little Biggie).

    I included a picture. The bird right by it is also a PR but as you can see has much more feathers and is darker. I am wondering if this one is a roo???? The behavior seems very similar to my other roos at this age as well. They were hatched about 4 week ago.

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