Partridge Silkie?


Cold Canadian Chick
10 Years
Dec 2, 2009
Is he a pure partrige Silkie? my flash wasnt working so that pics arent the best, sorry



That's from more than just being wet around the head..... It looks like he got a lil too close to a burn pit. I'd be checking him over for mites/lice definitely. Nothing left of his crest/cushion. The rest of his feathers have that ragged, work look that can either come from a severe bug infestation or a really bad overcrowding situation.
I imagine this boy has had a rough life. With some time, a good bath and blowdry, treated for mites/lice and some good food, he will look like a different bird! Even his color will look much nicer when he fills out. He also may have just molted.

I can't really tell if he is a partridge, but he does have some partridge coloring.

There is nothing wrong with him...he'll be a wonderful pet for you. I'd love to see pics of him in a few months!!
There is nothing wrong with him except he was a bit wet, I just got him about 2 months ago and a new pecking order needed to be established, thats why his tail looks a bit ratty

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