PartyFowl Duck Diaper


May 22, 2020
Austin, TX
Hello! We bought a green duck diaper harness for our Cayuga hen back when she was alone and we thought we might need to keep her indoors with us until finding her a friend. Well, fast forward 3 months... The harness finally arrived and our duck also has a friend! We don't have a need for it anymore. Is anyone interested in it? I would be happy to mail it if you can PayPal me. We bought it for $45, make me an offer!
I have a Cayuga hen and might be interested. I have a disabled bantam (chicken) hen and ordered a pair of custom boots for her because of an illness/injury and they have not arrived but I love PFP.
Size : C6
Color : Emerald

(also comes with a matching leash that they threw in for free!)

EmeraldHarness.jpg 3EFB507B-3FB5-4156-BC8E-40BF5246A58C.jpeg
Yes! I got the green to match my cayuga, but it IS just a pretty color in general! Let me know if anyone wants it! I will wait a few days before posting on my local craigslist!

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