Passing along disease?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by shakecc, May 27, 2008.

  1. shakecc

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    May 26, 2008
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    We are getting ready to start working on our coop and are trying to educate ourselves as much as we can. Are there any diseases/e coli/salmonella etc. that chickens can pass along to humans? Thanks for your help!
  2. SpottedCrow

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    You shouldn't be able to catch anything from your birdies if you practice good sanitation and handwashing procedures...

    I'm asthmatic and allergic to anything with fur and I've been the healthiest I've ever been in the 5 years I've had my birds.
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    If you get your hands pooey and then the poo gets transferred to your mouth or food, then sure, you can get intestinally ill, but the solution of course (as with any other animal) is Don't Do That [​IMG] As SpottedCrow says, wash yer hands after playing with the chickens and you should be fine.

    The bacteria that cause some sorts of abscesses in chickens (as in other animals) can do the same in humans, so if you are doctoring a bird with an abscess, practice good sanitation. In particular, don't be poking at oozy abscesses with bare fingers if you've got a cut or scrape on your hand. Pretty much common sense.

    If your chickens should get mites, the mites may crawl on your arms etc when you work in the coop, but although it may feel weird and annoying, they will not actually "live on" you (they won't set up an infestation of your home or whatever) and it just lets you know it's time to get more serious about getting rid of them from your chickens [​IMG]

    Oh, and don't be breathing lots and lots of dust (esp. not chronically) from a funky old coop, as it can install bad germs in your lungs.

    That is pretty much all I can think of offhand that you have any realistic chance of catching from your chickens.

    Good luck,

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  4. mmajw

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Salmonella you can but if you wash real well after handling them you will be fine. Make sure to also wash your shoes if you happen to step in anything, we you know stuff you really dont want to step in.

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