Passive solar idea

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    Apr 14, 2013
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    I don't want to overheat my Australorps but I do want the coop warm enough to prevent frozen water. And I am NOT running a power supply that far from the house.

    The previous owners at our farm tried to put up a sun room on the west side of the house, and there is NO shade there ever. We are in the Southeast, so they obviously realized how stupid that was. It would have worked for the winter, but they didn't install screens or determine a way to open any of the panels. So, they just got rid of some of the panels.

    During a storm, two of the panels finally fell off but didn't break. I'm thinking that if I put one of the panels against the outside of my run and coop on the side that gets the most sun, and black shade cloth on the outside of the coop on the other side, we should get noticeable passive solar heat.

    I will let ya'll know how that works out:)
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    Sounds good, I am thinking about putting something similar up on the southeast side of my house for winter gardening, so I'd love to hear how it works for poultry!

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