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    i have a few questions. my wife and i have had chickens for about 2 years now. right now we have 15 hens and one rooster. up until recently we had 3 roosters but they started fighting with each other so 2 were found new homes. we are thinking about trying to hatch some new additions to the family and are wondering if the roosters genes or the hens genes are dominant. we were also wondering how long we should wait to incubate eggs to ensure the other 2 roosters offspring would not be in the mix. and lastly the rooster we kept is a very large Brahma who is blind in one eye from what we were told was a bronchial infection. we were also told when we got him that he was 4 yrs old and are wondering if he may be past his prime. we have been told that he is a gold laced Brahma and the hens he's with range from buff Brahma's and silver laced wyandottes to ameraucanas and regular old white hens rescued from an egg farm and even a few that were not sure of.
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    Wait 3 to 4 weeks for his eggs. My dad has an older one by a long shot, who is now no good. But yours should still do the job. If he's not getting all the hens done, than try to put him with his favorites or just cut back on the number of hens he has acess to. Good luck
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    Good accurate advice.

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